Saturday, July 20, 2013


Here is an insight into my brilliant mind:

 I will often take short notes when I think of something that I want to write about. That way, I will have a few things in the pot to put to share and I can remember what it is that I wanted to say. The more obscure of a thought or the longer I think it will be until I write it, the longer of a note I make to myself on my notes ap.

While I was on our recent family vacation, I decided not to post anything on here so I could focus a little more on doing stuff with the family. I did write down a few notes that I am sure you will reap the benefit of in the coming days.

One note was a little different. 

It says, simply, "White fences on Friday".

I have no idea what it means.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Expeditionary Titles

Just got back from a family trip, which included a stop at the Calaveras Big Trees State Park (Did I send you a postcard?).  Here are some titles I looked into while we were away. This list is purely for your edification and possible interest. Maybe you will find something you like.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Was it worth the tears?

"Life without liberty is like a body without spirit"
- Khalil Gibran 

About 25,000  Americans gave their lives to death and disease defending our liberty in the revolutionary war.

We lost around 600,000 soldiers during the American Civil War, confronting our shame of depriving liberty from so many.

Our nation has fought more wars that any other and has given the lives of many of our best. Some 400, 000 in WWII, at least 7,000 in the current war on terror, and many more in many other conflicts and wars.

 As they lay sick and hurt, bleeding and dying, did they wonder, "Was worth the pain?"

As their mothers and wives and brothers and sisters and children mourned their loss, did they wonder "Was it worth the tears?" 

What is the liberty and independence that we celebrate on this day? What is the price we are prepared to pay for it today? And what about the price that those that have gone before us have paid?

Was it worth the tears? 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I like this

I recently shared briefly at the Tucson Ministry Alliance's monthly luncheon on behalf of the Tucson Refugee Ministry. They asked me to come and tell about the experiences that a small group of us, including my family and I, had while befriending a family that came to Tucson as refugees from the Congo. I shared a couple of stories about that experience, but here is one story I did not share.

One night, we went to visit our friends apartment with our family and another young lady and her children. Another lady and her daughter, who had also come here as refugees, were also visiting when we arrived. After we talked for a little bit, the other lady looked at us skeptically and began to question us.

"Who are you?"

"Why are you here?"

"How do you know these people?"

It became clear to me that she was very suspicious of us and she did not seem to want us there at all. Then she said something that surprised me.

She said, "I like this. People. Will you come to my house too?"

Sadly, we never did. In fact, the majority of the over 1,000 refugees that will be coming to Tucson this year will have no-one to come visit them and be their friend. But they are asking, "will you come to my house too?"