Saturday, March 25, 2017

Higher Education

As college tuition increases continue to increase at leaps and bounds above the reasonable inflationary rates, some are questioning the wisdom in shelling out their life's fortunes and accruing multiple tens of thousands in debt in an attempt to obtain a degree.

Fewer students are graduating from a four year degree within four years (currently said to be only 19%), average student loan debt of graduating students at $37,000 and a glut of college grads helping make a degree no guarantor (and not necessarily even helpful) in obtaining many jobs.

While it is true that the passkey to some careers is an undergraduate or graduate degree in certain fields, others are experimenting with options.

In addition to a variety of tech and vocational schools that are leading to well paying jobs in a variety of fields, there are New programs to help aspiring corporate workers find rewarding business options.

Here's a couple of those programs to consider:

Adam Braun, founder of pencils of promise, has started a year long corporate training program that a trainee pays for only after they get a well paying career, and then only a small percentage of their annual income for a limited 3 year period.

Another program, called Praxis, sets young people up with an apprenticeship with a major corporation that results in a professional portfolio and actual job offers from major corporations, with no student debt.

If you are looking at college simply to ensure the ability to obtain a decent paying job, maybe you would consider what these organizations are saying and offering as an alternative to tying years of paying off huge debts around your neck.

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