Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Acceptable Level of Loudness

Did you happen to catch a movie over the long weekend? The Los Angeles Times reports record ticket sales of 316 million this weekend, so maybe you did.

If you did, I am sure you got the warning to turn off your cell phones and shut your mouth during the movie. One chain let's you know that you should "Leave the talking.." to those on the screen.

As a bit of a historic twist, you should know that it used to be socially acceptable to talk all through a silent movie. For some reason, no-one seemed to have a problem with your conversations and comments while everyone was listening to the theater's organ and trying to read the intermittent subtitles on the big screen. You could just fire away.

Here's to hoping you didn't have to sit by someone with those retro ideas on your outing this weekend.

Speaking of old movies, the local Fox Theater is playing one of our family favorites next weekend.
The Thin Man.
Not silent, but still quite old. Anyone wanna go?

Monday, May 27, 2013



In our culture, it is popular to toss around that term. Fitness gyms talk about "warrior" fitness. Businesses talk about applying the "warrior" mindset to business. Sporting teams take on the mascot name "Warriors". a shoe company sells Warrior Footwear.  You can buy Warrior Instruments to play your music, and you can find that title in many other places.

Not too long ago, I even participated in the Warrior Dash, fun mobile frat party mud run race. Fortunately, the only thing trying to do me in was the hot sun and I was not compelled to attack enemy combatants.

But today, we should not toss that term around quite so lightly. Memorial Day is a day when we remember those that answered the call to sacrifice on our behalf. Especially those that gave their lives for the freedoms that we enjoy.

A willingness to fight, to die and even to skillfully kill on our behalf defines a warrior. Today is a day for remembering those that died practicing the skills and attitude of a warrior.

Here is a brief video someone made that gives us a chance to remember:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

You probably missed this

Yet another reason why it is difficult for me to stay incognito:

I am in the part that is about 2 and 1/2 minutes in. Enjoy!

Senator Marco Rubio outlines the future of Immigration Reform

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Some Really Good Advice

I am not going to say who I heard this advice from, in case you owe him any money, but wisdom like this truly does deserve recognition.

Is there anyone you know that you really don't like to be around, but doesn't seem to go away? You know the type. That guy (or gal), that you really don't want to be around, but they keep showing their face a d seem to go out of their way just to bug you.

Without being a big old jerk, how do you arrange it so you don't have to be constantly looking over your shoulder to try and a avoid them and you no longer have to miss out on going to all your favorite haunts because they might be there?

Just loan them money. Make sure it is a small enough amount that you can live without it, but size able enough  that they won't be able to easily repay it. Then, let it be known that you expect them to pay you back the next time you see them.

If you do this, you won't have to be on the look out for them and they will go out of their way to avoid you.

Now think about this: Who has recently loaned you money?


I already have some plans today, involving friends and the mountain. But if you don't, and you see this in time, and you are not a vegan, and you happen to like bacon, and you are in the local area.....

The first BACONFEST that I have ever heard of is being held at the Reid Park Band shell today.

Yes, at $30 bucks a head, it is a little pricey. But if you have priced quality bacon lately, maybe it wont seem like so much. And, you get to eat and celebrate bacon!

Here are the details. I think I will see if I can cook up some bacon for brunch!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reading Rainbow

Just back from a trip to Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Remind me to tell you about that sometime. In the meantime, here are some materials that have been going into my head.

I usually don't do fiction, but I have read a couple that I enjoyed and I have shared them here. They are both a bit violent, so be forewarned.

Be sure to click on  the books to find out more about them.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Cultural Stigma

During the second World War, an experiment was conducted, using conscientious objectors that volunteered, studying the effects of long term starvation.

It was quite miserable for the test subjects, and one went so far as to chopping his hand with an axe to get out of the experiment. However, none of them started to eat one another.

Today's news talks about how the colonists in Jamestown, in a limited instance or two, resorted to cannibalism. Some comment that they didn't know conditions were quite that bad.

I have never experienced the craving agony that comes from long term starvation, but I wonder if it is normal to resort to that in times of dire hunger. The people at Jamestowne didn't think so, since they executed someone who was caught eating someone else.

To me, the most disturbing part of the article was the following line:

"There was a cultural stigma against killing someone for food."

To say that the reason that cannibalism was wrong for them is because of the cultural stigma against it is a sure sign of the type of moral relativism that can lead to bigger problems than isolated instances of cannibalism.  Surely it is wrong to eat people for other reasons than just the fact they they had a cultural stigma against it. If that is the primary reason, then maybe we too will soon be able to finally throw off our fetters of archaic cultural stigma and we too can finally eat people without fear of repercussion.

Here is the article where I read about it:
Cannabalism at Jamestowne

Here is a little fun (and foresight???):

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baby Snatching

This case from our old haunts in Sacramento has been getting some attention as of late. have you heard about it?

Here is a brief synopsis:
The child has some medical issues and is being seen by Sutter Memorial Hospital. Sutter staff does some things that scare the parents, like administering the wrong medications and giving questionable treatment. When the parents question the questionable things, they are treated like they have no right to ask questions of thew medical staff. They are, after all, medical staff.

The parents take the child to another hospital, against the wishes of the Sutter staff. Sutter reports them to the police, who find them doing well under the care of the other hospital and lets them be.

Sutter then files a report with child protective services alledging severe neglect (read that as "not doing what we said") and police and CPS workers go to there house and take the child from their arms. Here is the video and story as it was originally reported.

Sacramento Couple Fights to get their baby boy back from authorities.

The child is now back home, in case you don't want to research it a little and find out how easy it is for your children to be taking from your home.