Monday, May 27, 2013



In our culture, it is popular to toss around that term. Fitness gyms talk about "warrior" fitness. Businesses talk about applying the "warrior" mindset to business. Sporting teams take on the mascot name "Warriors". a shoe company sells Warrior Footwear.  You can buy Warrior Instruments to play your music, and you can find that title in many other places.

Not too long ago, I even participated in the Warrior Dash, fun mobile frat party mud run race. Fortunately, the only thing trying to do me in was the hot sun and I was not compelled to attack enemy combatants.

But today, we should not toss that term around quite so lightly. Memorial Day is a day when we remember those that answered the call to sacrifice on our behalf. Especially those that gave their lives for the freedoms that we enjoy.

A willingness to fight, to die and even to skillfully kill on our behalf defines a warrior. Today is a day for remembering those that died practicing the skills and attitude of a warrior.

Here is a brief video someone made that gives us a chance to remember:

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