Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Acceptable Level of Loudness

Did you happen to catch a movie over the long weekend? The Los Angeles Times reports record ticket sales of 316 million this weekend, so maybe you did.

If you did, I am sure you got the warning to turn off your cell phones and shut your mouth during the movie. One chain let's you know that you should "Leave the talking.." to those on the screen.

As a bit of a historic twist, you should know that it used to be socially acceptable to talk all through a silent movie. For some reason, no-one seemed to have a problem with your conversations and comments while everyone was listening to the theater's organ and trying to read the intermittent subtitles on the big screen. You could just fire away.

Here's to hoping you didn't have to sit by someone with those retro ideas on your outing this weekend.

Speaking of old movies, the local Fox Theater is playing one of our family favorites next weekend.
The Thin Man.
Not silent, but still quite old. Anyone wanna go?

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