Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baby Snatching

This case from our old haunts in Sacramento has been getting some attention as of late. have you heard about it?

Here is a brief synopsis:
The child has some medical issues and is being seen by Sutter Memorial Hospital. Sutter staff does some things that scare the parents, like administering the wrong medications and giving questionable treatment. When the parents question the questionable things, they are treated like they have no right to ask questions of thew medical staff. They are, after all, medical staff.

The parents take the child to another hospital, against the wishes of the Sutter staff. Sutter reports them to the police, who find them doing well under the care of the other hospital and lets them be.

Sutter then files a report with child protective services alledging severe neglect (read that as "not doing what we said") and police and CPS workers go to there house and take the child from their arms. Here is the video and story as it was originally reported.

Sacramento Couple Fights to get their baby boy back from authorities.

The child is now back home, in case you don't want to research it a little and find out how easy it is for your children to be taking from your home.

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