Tuesday, October 29, 2013



noun \ˈhyü-brəs\
: a great or foolish amount of pride or confidence

 A few years back, Diane and I returned home from an outing to find our oldest on the phone and the others looking quite frantic. We ask about what's going on and we are told that the girls saw someone prowling around outside of their window and our son was on with the 911 dispatcher.

I did what any normal Dad would do and grabbed my shotgun. I did have the presence of mind to tell the eldest to let the 911 operator know that I was going hunting, and if the cops ever did show up, I would prefer not being shot.

They, of course, told me to put the gun away. I then got on the phone and told them to never mind. I would rather deal with it myself than lock up my guns and hope that help got there in time. And I don't like being told that I shouldn't have my gun out when I am protecting my kids.

When the police finally did arrive, some time later, I had already figured out that no-one was there. At least not anymore. And I had already put my guns away.

I know the police don't like showing up where someone has a gun and I know they don't want to have to wonder who is the homeowner and who is the prowler, but I don't like just laying there hoping that help will come in time.

Who has the greater hubris here? Me, for thinking I can deal with it myself, or them, for thinking they will get to me in time to help?

Sunday, October 20, 2013


This weekend has seen it's share of ups and downs.

After an illness lasting weeks and some heroic efforts (Including subcutaneously hydrating him with needles and IV bags) to help our family cat, Indiana Jones, he died. He was 14 years old and even though I am not a cat person, he was probably one of the best cats ever.

That was on Friday. Later on the same day, we got to head up to Phoenix to visit with some old friends that we haven't seen for nearly ten years and we have missed them that whole time.

Last night I had to spend some time at the hospital after a terrible tragedy in the family of one of our department members. I also got news that the loved one of a friend passed away suddenly.

This afternoon, I will be officiating at the ceremony of some good friends and neighbors of mine.

I think I am learning that life is........

Sunday, October 13, 2013


 Cyrano De Bergerac: Small, my nose?! Why, magnificent my nose! You pug, you knob, you button head! Know that I glory in this nose of mine. For a great nose indicates a great man: genial, courteous, intellectual, veritable, courageous!

 There are some people that seem to be defined by a feature they have. Like the guy with the big nose. When talking about him, everyone will say things like, "You know, he's the guy with the big nose."

Other people are defined by a less visible, but no less prominent, feature. By that they do, what they believe in or what they are trying to accomplish.

Many are defined by what happens to them.

What is it that you are being defined by?