Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Matter of Perspective

On Sunday, we headed over to Balboa Park in San Diego to enjoy the afternoon and see what was happening there.

They have a collection of "International Cottages", which are welcome and information places to tell about their particular country and to exchange cultural information. Some of our favorites included the Sweden, British, Czech and Slovakian houses.

On this particular day, the "House of Palestine", who is currently raising money for their own cottage, as they do not have one yet, was putting on a "lawn program". In this program, they had musicians, food booths, craft displays and even a tent where you could dress in traditional garb and get your picture taken, while reclining on Bedouinesque cushions.

In the picture above, the two young ladies had just led us in the national anthem and were singing some lovely song in Arabic.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying their presentation. At least until we stepped into the Israel cottage. Inside, we met to obviously Isreali young ladies who informed us that they had been in California for the summer helping out with a Children's camp. They said they were about to leave for New York the following day, then back to Israel next week.

Someone had suggested to them that they visit the international cottages as something interesting to do. When they arrived, they saw the Palestinian flags, all the Palestinians and were convinced they'd made a terrible mistake. In fear for their lives, they dashed into the Israeli cottage as a refuge.

We told them they would probably be ok, and we saw them again in the British Cottage, so they didn't make to quick of an exit. But they definitely had a different perspective on relations with Palestinians.

I am hoping to take a trip out that-away next year. You're welcome to come along. Maybe we will get a new perspective.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I've been reading....

In my never ending quest to keep my head working and to add a little knowledge whenever I am able, I have been looking at some of these. They are the ones that piqued my interest enough to, not just pick them up, but to keep reading them.

Looking for an interesting read? Consider one of these. They have been my summer reading this year.




These next two we listened to on audio on our summer travels. Surprisingly, the consensus was that we all enjoyed Sebastian Darke more than The Giver.