Sunday, August 2, 2009

In-N-Out? Why?

I usually don't do reviews of any sort of books I haven't read, so I won't make an exception in this case. Diane is finishing up this book and has given me some tidbits from it, so I will merely share that she read the book and maybe a couple of those tidbits.

The book is, as billed, a behind the counter look at In-N-Out. It primarily looks at the companies business model and how it has done it's thing for the past 60 years, to include the families triumphs and struggles. She says it was very interesting. There, that is all I have on the book.

Now, I have heard many people wonder what is so good about In-N-Out. It is just a burger, their fries taste funny and well, it is just so regular. Why all the hype?

For starters, it is just a burger. In other words, it is made from fresh meat and fresh lettuce and fresh tomatoes delivered to each store on a daily basis. No frozen meats pumped with preservatives culled from "downer" stock. The fries are made from potatoes and salt....without the chemically enhanced flavor that so many have grown to love from McDonalds and other similar places.

Another reason In-N-Out has grown so popular has been it's commitment to quality and cleanliness from the start. It is not the quickest at pumping out round after round of burgers, but it is probably the most consistent and definitely the cleanest. People seem to like clean in their eating establishments.

And, how can you overlook the fun of the Secret Menu that everyone knows about and the Bible References printed on the packaging?

Besides, it tastes good. I think I will go there for lunch today.

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HaileyPeck said...

Even me being a celiac can enjoy In and Out. I just get a double double, protein style, no sauce(has gluten),add tomato, onion, ketchup and mustard. (Its almost heavenly :)