Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Bling Bling

I first became familiar with the work of Open Doors when I read the book "God's Smuggler" by a man named Brother Andrew. Brother Andrew used to smuggle Bibles into the former Soviet Union and then founded the organization Open Doors, which serves those persecuted for their beliefs worldwide.

I learned more about them when I was invited to join them on a trip to India to teach Church Leaders in several areas in that country. We went shortly after a pastor and his family were burned to death in their car by those that were unimpressed with the Pastor's belief system and the fact that he shared it with others.

Many of the men I met had stories of attacks on their families and fellow believers by those that were opposed to anyone freely believing what they choose to believe.

The organization has now started the One With Them initiative, to coincide with this years International Day Of Prayer. As they point out, 70% of the world lives where religious freedom is not an option. The One With Them initiative is an opportunity to show your solidarity with these people.

They are also offering, for free, the wristband pictured above. If you want to make the statement that you are One With those who share your faith, but not your freedom, you can order one up here: Get Your Wristband

You can show your solidarity with men like Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani in Iran. Originally sentenced to death in Iran for converting from Islam to Christianity, international outcry has caused Iran to rethink this verdict. Their rethinking has caused them to say that, "No, he was never sentenced to death." followed by them deciding that he was to be sentenced to death for extortion, rape and running a brothel, in spite of court records that clearly show that this was never mentioned until recently. Obviously, they want this guy dead for his beliefs. (read more about Pastor Youcef here and here).

So, I am proudly wearing my new bling bling, and you can too.

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