Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Our Thoughts

For those of you with sympathies towards the occupy movement, I understand your feelings. It is difficult to look at one group of people who hold the majority of the wealth and seem to be unwilling to help out those with obvious needs.

While one group suffers, the wealthier group has plenty of food, quality education, homes filled with modern conveniences and luxuries and enough free time to take trips and enough disposable income for life's little pleasures.

However, it is my contention that those of us with this kind of wealth (see below to find out which category you and most of the protestors in the occupy movement fit into) should not be complaining that we don't have as much as another guy or about how our spending choices have made things difficult for us. Those of us with the top 2% of income in the world should be considering, not how we can get more, but how we can help those with less than us.

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1 comment:

DC Le Peau said...

I love the global rich list website, I show it to my students every year and it blows their mind. It is true to say most don't realize that we are in the 1% by the worlds standards taking issue with the one percent. However, I'm not sure the occupy movement is an expression of jealously but in fact a disapproval of corporate abuse.