Friday, April 20, 2012

Infestation problems

This is the time of year when the pests start to roll their way out. I have already begun to see ants, bees and snakes peering at me, and a trip to the home show led me to an ambush by a hustling pest control salesman.

Another type of pest seems to be a concern for others, as they began to group together in public and swarm around us as we try to carry on our daily activities. Fortunately, a Welsh company has come up with a solution.

As we age, we lose some of our ability to hear things in the higher frequency range. So, Moving Sound Technology's Mosquito device emits a high frequency sound that is annoying to teens, but generally not heard by those over the age of 25.

Here is what the site says about it:
The Mosquito was invented in Wales several years ago. Since then, Moving Sound Technologies has been marketing and selling the Mosquito throughout North America. Many cities, municipalities, school districts, and parks boards use the Mosquito to combat vandalism

The patented Mosquito is a small speaker that produces a high frequency sound much like the buzzing of the insect it’s named after. This high frequency can be heard by young people 13 to 25 years old.
Store owners, park watchers, schoolteachers, parents, mall management, here is your chance to make life a little easier.