Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Manliness, The art of

I like to send out note cards from time to time to keep in touch with friends, to tell people thanks in a personal way for the good deeds they have done on my behalf. But, I have discovered that many of the note cards available are not at all very manly.

In my search for more manly cards, I came across the site The Art of Manliness.

I did find that, through this site, I could buy some very manly cards. But more than that, I found that it is a wealth of manly information. For instance, in the Manly Skills section, you can learn how to remove a fishhook from your finger, how to fold a flag, how to read a topographical map, among many other things.

Other sections include advice on Dress and Grooming, Health and Sports, Money and Career. And the list continues.

So, for a fun and useful diversion, head on over to The Art of Manliness, and maybe you will become a better man for it.

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