Thursday, February 21, 2013

Conspiracy Theory

I am currently reading through Bill O'Rielly's book Killing Kennedy. It chronicles the life of Kennedy and the events and people leading up to the assassination of the president.

Since conspiracy theories surrounding his death abound, I figure I ought to throw mine into the mix. It has no basis in fact, but I think it is the most original. If I disappear within a couple of days, it is probably because it is accurate and someone has been tipped off by one of you four people about my blog.

Kennedy Assassination Theory
I believe he arranged to have himself done in.

Here is why:
He was suffering from addison's disease, which can easily be fatal, debilitating and painful.
He had chronic back pain.
He really wanted immortality, and knew that an assassination would guarantee it. (Ok, this one breaks down a little when you think of President Mckinley's assassination, mainly because no-one ever does think of it and he didn't achieve immortality).

So, according to this theory, based on my very limited understanding of both the facts and psychology, Kennedy discovered that his life was limited and he would probably die soon. Probably even in office. Not wanting to be a public spectacle as he suffered and died, he arranged to have himself done in. 

That is it. That is all I got. This theory is copyrighted! You got anything better?

And, in my experience, when you are in the same room with Mel Gibson, he is very much like his character in the movie Conspiracy Theory. Great movie. Well done sir!

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