Friday, April 5, 2013

The Mayans and Mine

Disturbingly, I recently discovered that, not only does the Mayan Calendar predict the end of the world, so does mine!

For Christmas, I was given the wall calendar pictured here by my brother and sister in law. In addition to having gorgeous pictures, it has some alarming information that I recently deciphered.

The calendar they gave me covers all of this year and one month of next, but it comes to an abrupt end on January 31st of 2014.

This demonstrates that the good people at International Greetings that make the Paper Craft calendars have discovered that the world will end on January 31st 2014. I am not sure how it will happen, but God promised us never to again destroy the world with a flood. Perhaps it will be fire? Nuclear war? A Cosmic Solar Flare?

Maybe the people at International Greetings know more. I, for one, am quite curious as to how they came upon this information to begin with and I want to know if there is anything we can do to avoid this impending doom. Perhaps someone can contact them for more information.

And, it turns out that the Mayans were pretty close!

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