Sunday, November 3, 2013


When I was a Pastor, it is probably accurate to say that I was better at some things than I was at others. For instance, I am an exceptional speaker and do quite well in front of groups....when everything turns out as it should.

However, I wasn't always as good at attending to some inter-personal issues and I wasn't always as good at working through some of the details and minutea of the "business" aspects of the work.

I just realized that I am in a season of learning that might help me shore up those areas a little.

I have two new volunteer positions that I was asked to serve in and I am trying to do my best with both so I will have something to bring to the table. But I think I will learn more from them than I have to offer.

The first is with Northwest Fire. I am now a volunteer Chaplain with them and I did my first ride with a crew last night. It really is the life. We hung out, had dinner, ate dessert, lounged on the patio smoking pipes and conversing before moving to the TV to play some XBOX.

I wondered why everyone didn't sign up for this job, until we had a call. After we all rushed out and they worked on a dying patient, I realized that it took some different kind of people to do this job. And it is my role to figure out how to connect with them and support them in what they do.

I will tell you about my other new role later.


Nichole said...

You were an awesome pastor. Pastors dont have to do it all. Thats what the church is for. Just saying :P Excited for your new roles! Sounds stressful though.

Jaime said...

Oh, I missed your comment, Nichole. I know I shouldn't have to do everything. It is just good to get better at some things.

Thanks for your kind words!