Thursday, August 11, 2016

Front Porch Reminder

Last night, the whole family was out in front of the house. We haven't been spending a whole lot of time out there as of late, since the heat has been just shy of oppressive. And since our monsoon season hit, it's been uncomfortably humid too.

But, last night, the cops were at the neighbors house, so we wanted to go out to watch. Right after we got out there, Our oldest daughter got back from a walk and the two of them sat on the red chairs and continued their conversation. Our oldest son was around too, so all six of us, plus Emily's friend, were out having a good old talk. 

Yes, it was interspersed with the quiet murmurs of the officers as they talked about what they were going to do and, after they left, two less than light ladies accusing one another, in so many words, of having a particularly plump posterior(which was, in both cases, true). But, in spite of some odd distractions, the time spent on the front porch with family and friends is really rather nice. Why not head out there yourselves?

I'm out there right now! Come join me.

Let's see if we can see what the neighbors are up to!

FYI....picture is of Diane and I at a Wedding (not ours) in 1999. Yes, we really did party like it was 1999, cause it was!

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