Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tait dresses up, but not for Halloween

I went to see the Newsboys in concert last night, but this isn't a review of that event. Yes, it was powerful and yes we all enjoyed it, but I wanted to comment on another aspect of what happened.

As we were leaving the field was littered with water bottles, fliers and whatever else people couldn't bear to walk over to the numerous trash cans spread throughout the arena.

As I looked around, Someone (it might have been me) said, "Jesus is crying." And someone else mentioned that he was crying like the crying Indian guy from the littering commercials. Does anyone else besides me remember that?

Anyways, I didn't think it seemed terribly "christian" to leave the place trashed. I also thought that I probably shouldn't post every thought that comes into my head....but I did this one anyway.

In case you missed the commercial:

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