Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Post It

Recent comments and complaints about my blog have led to this post. Not to justify or explain how I pick the topics I do, as much as to give me another topic to write about...and for you to enjoy, or not.

One friend recently told me that when I write posts that are political in nature, they usually glaze over them and totally skip them. Others generally disagree with my political points, so it encourages them to point out my flawed thinking. Actually, it is more fun to get someone angry than it is to be ignored, so when I post something with a political bent, I have to weigh the concern that some might totally tune it out against the idea that it might fire someone up. Usually, the fired up part wins.

Besides, I typically agree with my political blogs and they are typically about things that fire me up.

Sometimes I post stuff about my family. If you don't know my family, then hopefully you will learn that even though we can be a bit quirky and eccentric, (wait, we can't be eccentric until we are rich; we better stick with quirky) we are some of the most interesting and enjoyable people around. Tune in to find out more about us, what we are doing, reading, who we are meeting and where we are going.

And not to be missed are the reminiscing I share of the small town I grew up in, the small church I pastored, the larger church I started, the people who have made me angry, sad, happy, etc. and the places we have been. Usually I put in some sort of principle or moral or whatever. You decide if it fits.

So thanks for checking this out over the past year and I look forward to helping fill the coming year for you with new and exciting stuff.


Eileen Short said...

People complain about your blog - what?! It's like complaining about someone's journal...well, kinda.

I find it quite thought-provoking, funny and sometimes both. :)

Happy 2010 Allertons!

Anonymous said...

Boooo for Congress!!