Thursday, December 31, 2009

We saw this one.

A few years ago, I rented the movie 28 Days Later. When I asked Diane to watch it with me, she said that she didn't want to watch some horror movie. I told her it was more of a thinker, with people working to defeat a virus and all that. She lasted about 1 minute into it when all the chasing people down then violently mauling and eating them. So, she was very reluctant to go see this movie with us.

Zombieland, coming soon to DVD, did have it's share of Zombies chasing people down and eating them, but it was much more fun than 28 Days Later.

It is the story of 4 misfits...and not only because they were the only ones that were not zombies, and their adventures in a world of zombies. They made them characters that we can all identify with, from the tough guy who used his guns and bravado to mask some hurts he had in the past to the guy who always felt like he missed out on life. from the girl who couldn't trust anyone so she ended up messing up relationships that could have helped her to her sister who never really got to grow up. Oh, and Bill Murray. Bill Murray played himself, so if you are Bill Murray, you could easily identify with that character.

We went to the cheap theater with some friends and had much more fun watching this movie than we would have had by ourselves. So, if you can get past the occasional foul language, the gruesome but almost cartoonish violence (one guy I work with said it wasn't too graphic at all. Of course, he is a paramedic) , gather some friends that enjoy seeing zombies gunned down and obliterated in a variety of ways and check out this film.

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