Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bar None, this is the best.

Our bodies are providentially designed to consume, process and utilize a huge variety of foods. we can grow healthy and strong with things as various as roots, grains, fruits, meat and more. But, our modern science has been able to make a regular part of our diet things that are processed in such a way that they are not just tasty and full of added vitamins, but detrimental to our health.

In our house, we are trying to cut back on things like over-processed sugars, soy proteins, hydrolyzed and hydrogenated this or that and our old friend, high fructose corn syrup (perhaps the number one contributor to diabetes, obesity, etc.).

So, our new exercise plan recommends throwing in some protein and energy bars to help stave off mini starvation modes in our bodies. A quick check at the store reveals that most protein and energy bars contain the items I mentioned in the paragraph above. Nice.

So, Diane made us some "Hudson Bay Bars". They are a kind of energy/protein bar with natural ingredients. Quite tasty. I haven't found the absolute best recipe, which is the one we use, online yet. So, maybe I should post it here, only for you.


Nichole said...

Hey I want to know the Hudson Bay bars receipe!
PS try LUNA bars....most of them are nasty but a few are yummy. They are free of funk! Besides protein bars are overrated. We eat too much protein anyways!

Jaime said...

Hey Nichole.
I will get that recipe to you soon.

Thanks for the recommendation of the Luna bars. I am looking forward to working through all the nasty ones before I find one I like. Ha.

They said they were for they scared me. And, at a buck to a buck and a half a piece, they seemed a little costly for regular consumption.

We are trying to boost the protein and cut back on the carbs a bit for our exercise program. It wont last forever.

Nichole said...

Well I am a dork and sleep deprived, because I didnt mean LUNA bars I meant LARA bars. GEESH. Talk about passing on wrong information. Sorry about that. They are expensive, for sure. But the calorie count is as high as a meal. You can also make them at home by blending together dried fruits and nuts and pushing it into a pan for shape. I have not done that myself but there are some easy to find recipes. NOt sure that would be any cheaper though with the cost of nuts and fruit!