Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Clearly You Have Never Been To Singapore, Part 2

Class reunions.

Have you been to one of these yet?

It is kind of like visiting a neighborhood.

First, you have the ten year reunion. A five year old neighborhood is like that ten year reunion. In a five year old neighborhood, all the houses look about the same and everyone is trying to get the same landscaping in the yards, blinds in the windows, and cars in the driveway.

A ten year reunion is where everyone looks exactly the same as they did ten years ago and people either tell you about what job(s) they have (or have not) been working for the last ten years, or what degrees they got and where they got them from or some fun stories about them drinking in the military (or in college).

You don't hear anything other than these categories. Except for a few people who only have stories to tell about themselves drinking in a local bar. They always seem kind of sad and embarrassed at the ten year reunion.

The twenty year reunion is where things get a little more fun.

Hitting a twenty year reunion is like driving through a fifty year old neighborhood. Everyone has cars, yards, windows, spouses, careers, goals, hairlines, waistlines, facial features and drinking stories that are different and that makes it more interesting.

The best reunion I have been to was Diane's twenty year reunion. Since she went to a large enough school and I was close enough in age, I was able to mingle and hear about how everyone had been for the last twenty years, and share what I had been up to for people who were desperately trying to figure out if they remembered me.

I will have to share my anecdotes from that event on my next post. This one is long enough already.

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