Monday, November 1, 2010


We define ourselves and our limitations based on our past failures.

We say, I can't do this, or I can't do that, or I am a this, or I am a that based on the mistakes we have made and our previously not meeting the goals that we either set for ourselves or others set for us.

I know people that are not physically fit to this day because they were not as athletic as some of the kids in grade school. When they realized that others were faster/stronger/more coordinated than them, they defined themselves as no athletic and decided not to take care of themselves physically for years to come.

Others have made mistakes in personal relationships, at work or in their studies and have decided to define themselves as not good with people, not a performer at work or as someone that can't do math or doesn't know history or not good with english.

It is easy to define ourselves based on our past failures. It is harder to look at a goal and realize that we can reach it, we can be a top performer, we can solve math equations, but that doing it will require hard work and dedication.

Take a look at what defines your life. Is it based on your past failures or the things you intend on accomplishing?

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