Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I figured it out.

My lovely wife has always been a clever one. Sometimes she even makes it fun. By way of illustration, I think I will favor you with an anecdote. Here ya go:

One of our friends was doing the worship time for one of those big old christian music festivals and was putting together an album to go along with the festival fun. For some reason, he was short a bass player and was auditioning some guy out for the album or for touring or something like that.

We took the crew out to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen at the Arden Fair Mall and were enjoying our Thai Chicken pizza, sesame ginger chicken dumplings and some stories from the boys in the band.

During dinner, someone happened to ask how old the new bass boy was. He told us he couldn't tell us. His reason was that he was a schoolteacher and was so young when he started playing that he was afraid that all the girls would fall for him. From our perspective, he didn't need to be concerned.

Diane, thinking this was a stupid reason not to tell us how old he was, thought she would have some fun. She turned to our friend and I and said, "Watch this."

Then, she started asking the bass guy about his teaching. Questions like, "How long have you been teaching?", "What subject do you teach?", and, clincher, "How young were you when you started teaching?".

The last question, of course, let us know how old the zip lipped bass player/teacher was and everyone else laughed at the poor guy.

To add insult to injury, I don't think he got the bass playing gig.

On the bright side, they are opening a new California Pizza Kitchen right here in Tucson, which helped me remember our time at that one.

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