Friday, January 14, 2011

Follow the rules.

As I mentioned, this page has been neglected the last week due to the horrible tragedy which occurred here and the extra duties I had as a result of that. But I am back now.

My friend Brea, when she was a school teacher, wrote a song about the ten rules in her classroom. She recently sent me a copy of the lyrics and the thoughts behind each of them. I was going to share the lyrics, but I think I will give you what she wrote about each rule with the rule itself, then after I share all that, we can put it all together and sing it.

I am going to publish it in serial format, so you will have to come back. But, here is her introduction. Later on, I will try to get her to sing it for you:

Learning From the Rules
A guest post by Brea Ashcraft

used to be a First Grade teacher. I say “used to be” because I
currently am not getting paid by a school to teach First Grade, but I
believe some people are gifted with teaching and even if they are not in
a classroom, they still teach. James thought he could still learn a
little something from me and asked me to guest post on his blog.

a teacher starts a school year, one of the most important things to
establish are the rules. Teachers have many philosophies on what the
best way to make a set of rules is. Some think there should only be
one. Some say three at the most. Others say, include every possible
rule that could be broken so there is no confusion when one is. I say,
make ten rules and write a song about it. The following is my rules
song that I taught my kids every year and the lessons each rule taught

(Come back tomorrow to get started with the rules)

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