Monday, February 7, 2011

Not quite enough

Before heading over to a friends house to watch the game, Ethan and I went for a walk to a couple of local stores. Our first stop was Barnes and Noble, where we picked up a book and a couple of drinks in the cafe. Then we headed over to Target to grab a lego he has been wanting with his birthday money.

As we were leaving Target, I realized that the amount I was charged at B & N couldn't possibly be correct. I looked over my receipt and, sure enough, it was three dollars short. Instead of charging me for the book, they had charged me for an extra drink, which was three dollars less than the book.

I had the same thoughts that anyone would have had: it is no big deal, they will never notice, I saved three bucks. Then I looked at the book, entitled Amazing Tales For Making Men Out Of Boys, and realized that, a man shouldn't try to get over on others and this would be a great teachable moment. The price of the book was three dollars more and just because they made a mistake didn't mean that I shouldn't pay them for the book.

So, we marched back over to the store, fixed the mistake and went on our way.

When the girl behind the counter thanked us and said how impressive it was that we would come back to point out the error, I mentioned that my price for putting one over on people was much higher than three dollars. Not that I wouldn't do it, I just wouldn't sell my morals for such a small amount.

I had a friend come and visit once while I was in the military. During a trip to the fast food restaurant, he let us know that, if you ask for a cup of water, you can fill it with a clear colored soda, like Sprite or 7-Up, and you would never be caught and exposed as a thief. His price was about 99 cents.

I haven't decided what my price is, but I think I would hold out for somewhere around 7 million dollars. Not for any particular reason. Just a good round number that I might be tempted to say, forget it, I am not doing what I think is right because I am getting 7 million dollars. Maybe I should make it 11 million, what with the economy like it is.

How about you? What is your price for selling out your morals? 99 cents? $3.00? $7 million?

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Andy Allen said...

Great post and thoughts here James!