Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some things seem like a good idea at the time.

We used to have this dog named Bailey when we lived in Safford. It probably wasn't a good idea to have this dog in the house we lived in, even though it had a nice sized yard. Bailey had, among other things, learned the art of jumping over walls.

After he discovered that he could easily jump the 4 footer, we decided that something must be done. We found a brick in the alley. It wasn't just any brick. It was a huge brick, that was very heavy and we tied it to him.

I know, you are probably worried now that we hung our dog when he tried to jump over the wall into the alley, suspended above the ground by a giant brick. Not to worry, we gave the rope enough slack so he wouldn't be hung, he would make it to the ground on the other side and the weight of the brick would hold him in the alley next to our yard.

It seemed like such a good idea at the time.

However, we failed to take into account that this dog was as strong as a medium sized race horse. When he jumped over the wall the next time it suited him, in pursuit of a rabbit, cat, large child or whatever it was, the brick sailed along behind him like a kite.

I suppose we are fortunate that it just missed the head of the four or five year old neighbor girl Moriah. But somehow it didn't feel safe chasing down a dog with a giant war-hammer swinging wildly behind him.

Soon after that, we turned the dog over to some guy with horses that lived out in the country. Ask me about how that came about some other time. The events included a shovel, the dog-catcher that lived right behind us and a baby.


Agent Pipes said...

So.... how did it turn out with turning the dog over to some guy with horses that lived out in the country?

And what's the release date for Tree of Good and Evil prequel?

James said...

Uhmmm, well, I don;t know what happened to that dog, but at least it wasn't a shovel.

Agent Pipes said...

I can't really picture a time when dogs and shovels make a good combination.