Friday, January 27, 2012

I think I found a nice little side job

I just saw that the Pima Association of Governments and the City of Tucson is ready to spend $300,000 on a consultant to do a study about the proposed streetcar plan. Here are the requirements, as reported on azstarnet:

"The consultant will prepare a "Tucson Modern Streetcar Land Use and Development Implementation Plan." There have been 11 previous planning studies of the area, according to a PAG document.

The consultant would study properties within a quarter mile of the streetcar line; the potential for streetcar-oriented development; and the city's existing land-use plans, zoning maps, and development and design standards. Then the consultant would make policy recommendations about streetscapes, parking and housing. The scope of work calls for the consultant to meet with any stakeholder affected by the project and pay special attention to the historic West University neighborhood."

The local news reports that, according to the City Manager, the "...consultant's report will validate and supplement his staff's reports."

I figure I need a staff of three to complete this project. I will be the lead consultant, since I will be the one applying, so I will take the lions share of the money. I need one person who can read, so they can look over the eleven previous studies and one person who can type and knows how to use a word processing program.

Who's with me? And where do we apply?

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