Friday, January 6, 2012

I will not.

I will not blog about politics.

I will not blog about politics.
Tempting as it is.

I will tell you a little about some of my latest reads, including Bobby Jindal's book "Leadership and Crisis".

Tune back in soon.


Nichole said...

booo! Blog about politics! politics!

Jaime said...

Ha, your funny.

Larry Boy said...

Yeah, why not throw the politics in? We want to hear some fresh views from an interesting voice.

Jaime said...

well, thanks guys. As you can see from the subtext to the blog title, I do throw in faith. Isn't that controversial enough for you. I am about to write an inflammatory post about religion now.

Since the subtext also addresses family, community and culture, it is hard to avoid discussing politics, but I am striving to avoid being overtly partisan here. I prefer to continue to dialogue with those that don't always agree with me.