Sunday, February 5, 2012

Somebody up there really doesn't like you after all.

Just Received this notice affecting our Charter School Teacher friends. It seems that someone does not like Charter Schools and wants all the Charter School Teachers to quit immediately. If this goes the way the IRS wants it to, states will have no say in this matter any longer.:

"Possible IRS rule change alarms charter schools.

The IRS is proposing changes to the rules for Charter Schools. You have until Monday to comment at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools website:

The issue is this: The regulation would force those charter school teachers who have chosen to be in the state retirement system and are currently contributing to their state retirement plans to quit their charter-school jobs or lose the money that has been contributed to their accounts by the state. Teachers can keep what they've put into the account, but anything the state has put in would be gone.

This is a retroactive action that is certainly unfair and should be illegal.

But apparently the proposed regulation will not be subject to a vote by Congress and is NOT legislation. Instead, the IRS is simply required to use its expertise and experience to come up with the best policies."

Here is a little more information from the Arizona Charter Schools Association:

Protect Charter Teacher's Retirement Benefits


Nichole said...

Holy Snikey this ticks me off. grrrrrr.

DC Le Peau said...

Thanks for the support!

michael allerton said...

Wow, NWO wants kids in brainwashing institutes.