Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Hundred Dollar Hat

Whilst at the street fair with Ethan today, we succumbed to our base cravings for refreshment and spent $5 out of the $8 I brought with me on an Italian Ice filled red plastic Arizona Diamondbacks miniature batting hat.

We were both quite pleased with the unnatural tasting psuedo- fruit cherry and blueberry flavored treat. We continued to be completely satisfied until we walked another half a block to the climbing wall.

Ethan, at ten years old, fancies himself quite the climber. He is always trying to scale crazy heights to satisfy some inner urge to be a boy. So, of course he was interested in the climbing wall.

His interest grew quickly when he saw that at the top of the wall was one hundred dollars in cash, his for the taking if he just had a chance to scramble up to the top.

Unfortunately, the chance to get the one hundred dollars cost five dollars, and we only had three left. His poor spirit was nearly crushed when he figured out that we had traded a chance for fortune on a little red hat.

If only we could have held on and resisted temptation for a few more minutes, we could have had the hundred, instead of the little plastic hat.

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