Sunday, March 4, 2012


Comedian Brad Stine says that it is unfair that Christian people aren't allowed curse words and unfair that they don't have any of their own. He says that sometimes these words are the best words available for the job at hand.

As unlikely as it seems, Church folk do seem to have their equivalent of a swear word here and there.

I am not saying that they have their own words that suggest vulgarity and bodily functions. But, many have suggested that swear words are used when someone can't think of something intelligent to say, so they substitute the swear word.

So, having hung around Church people for a while, I have identified certain words they will use when they really can't think of anything else to say, but they want to convey something spiritual or profound. Ok, it is not quite the same, but it still fills a similar function.

In order to protect the forgiven, I will not mention what these words are, but those of you that have hung around Church people, think about it and I am sure you can come up with some "Christian Swear Words" that are used when people can't think of something else to say.

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candi said...

I actually heard someone say cheese and sprinkles today as we were being tortured in core class.