Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Different Filter

I recently realized that I am starting to see things through a different lens.

 For instance, this evening I went to see the new Spiderman movie, The Amazing SpiderMan, , and one particular scene stuck out to me.

In the scene, Spiderman had just apprehended a car thief when a motorcycle cop shows up and holds the vigilante in tights at gunpoint.

The wall-crawler is a little frustrated, saying "C'mon, I just did, like, 80% of your job for you!"

My immediate thought was that Spiderman did the best part of the job, apprehending a criminal in the act of criming. The rest of the job the cops have to deal with include writing multiple reports detailing every bit of the incident, briefing pretty much everyone above them in the chain of command on what happened, giving attorney interviews, testifying in court.

No Mr. Spiderman, you only did 20% of their job. And, it was the part they actually signed up to do, protecting people and their property from those that would do wrong. No wonder cops don't like vigilantes.

What also stuck out to me was how quickly I recognized Ponyboy in this movie.

Stay Gold Ponyboy. Stay gold.

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