Sunday, September 9, 2012


I have heard it said that people who use humor are using it to mask pain in their lives. And, it is said, the funnier they are,  the more pain they are masking. Perhaps this is true in some cases, but here are some other reasons people use humor:

- To build rapport
Nothing seems to make you a friend quicker than finding something to laugh about together.

- To Deflect
Sometimes, when people pry, humor is used to deflect the one that is prying away from the answer they are looking for.

- To Get People's Attention
Whether you are talking at the local Rotary, or just want to be heard by a few buddies at the bar, making them laugh is a good way to get them listening.

I am sure other reasons are out there too, but I can't really think of them. And generally, when I am using humor, it is mainly to keep myself amused. And they do say I am a pretty funny guy, but I suppose looks aren't everything.

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Eileen Short said...

We quite appreciate your humor...otherwise, your intelligence would be so intimidating. :)