Saturday, January 26, 2013


My last name, Allerton, is fairly unusual around these parts. I am certain that if anyone still had a phone book, our number would be the only one for Allerton in this town, if not in the whole state.

So, I was a bit taken aback when someone at work asked if I knew and was related to Isaac Allerton. Of course I do. He was one of our family's better known ancestors, having been one of the prominent travelers on the Mayflower.

Yes, he had a falling out with the rest of the colony some time later over financial matters, but he was still related to a good number of the colonies founders and after moved to what is now New York and was a respected businessman there.

The fellow at work knew him because of the street and neighborhood named after him in New York.

In England, you can find a number of Allerton's running around and even a town or two with this name, but in the U.S., the pickings are a little slimmer.

But, notable Allerton's here include The Allerton Hotel in Chicago, where I hope to one day to be comped a room, The town of Allerton, also in Illinois and the Allerton Garden in Hawaii, named after a Chicago Allerton.

While the Allerton's in England are distantly related somehow or the other, The Allerton's you find in the U.S. are almost certainly descendants of Isaac and, more likely than not, have something to do with Chicago. Maybe I should plan a trip there sometime soon.

What are some notable things/events/places affiliated with your family?

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