Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Crisis Averted???

Happy New Year!

Fortunately for us all, our government has reached a deal so we do not plunge off the fiscal cliff.

 I did notice that no-one seems to really care about this fiscal cliff thing and the crisis we have averted. Maybe because the solution has just created another crisis that has to be dealt with in another couple of months, and it is sure to be, once again, a wait til the last minute nail biter.

Or maybe no-one cares because they really don't think the solutions that are presented are really going to make much of an impact.

When the rising tides of debt, spending and financial irresponsibility are a tsunami wave already as high as the cliffs, going over the fiscal cliff feels more like stepping into cold water than a flying leap to the rocks below.

Fortunately, the congress got a raise, which is sure to spur them to good works and sound decisions.

That being said, perhaps the answer for fixing our country is not to be found in our government. Perhaps.

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