Sunday, March 10, 2013

Illuminating contraband

 Soon, the manufacture and sale of incandescent bulbs will be, if not a thing of the past, an illegal enterprise.

In order to save the world from it's obsession with using energy to make things brighter at night, soon the bulb will be regulated out of existence in the U.S.of A.

However, they will still be manufactured in Mexico.

I can foresee a new item for the cartels to smuggle if marijuana is legalized wholesale. Soon, Border Patrol Agents that are not furloughed might be chasing cars with trunks stuffed with light bulbs through the streets of a city near you.. Ranchers in remote areas might report seeing armed men guarding backpackers hauling around 3 to 5 pounds each of the illuminating contraband. Smuggling tunnels from Nogales might be uncovered, their location given away by the telltale warm glow.

People might congregate in underground clubs dancing the night away in rooms lit by the "real" thing. Maybe they will call them a 'See Easy", or something like that. The rich and powerful might in secret, from time to time, share a well lit room with one another, smoking a cigar or two and maybe leafing through the pages of a magazine under the glow of the incandescent.

Ok, it sounds a little farfetched. But so does that whole prohibition thing that happened not so long ago.

And, just because you need to know. here are the EPA's instructions for cleaning up your new light bulb, in unlikely event that anyone should ever break a light bulb in your house:

Cleaning up a broken CFL

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