Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I have noticed that when children travel or are having fun, they tend to believe that natural laws are suspended.

For instance, they seem to think that no matter how far out they go in the water from the shore and no matter how strong the tides are, there is no way they could be swept out to sea.

They also think the Law of Gravity is suspended just for them. I am sure that they think that they can't possibly fall off the edge of the steep precipices they run up to, and if they do fall, they seem to believe they will just float back onto solid ground or something.

I used to ridicule children for being this dumb, but I just discovered that I have the same tendencies.

If I haven't shared, we have been trying to eat better and be a bit more healthy, trying to take in the kinds of foods that we were designed to eat, not the kinds that were designed to cheaply feed the masses and make someone somewhere their fortune(and no, I am not opposed to cheap food. Or even free food. And I am certainly not opposed to people getting rich from selling stuff. I just am trying to eat better.).

I have discovered that when I eat better, I feel better, have a better outlook, and more energy, etc., etc. All the cliche things you hear about why you should eat better.

Based on this last weekend, it seems that, when I travel, I think that the cause and effect of eating well goes out the window. Since I was out of town for the weekend, I loaded up on pizza, ice cream, soda and more. No, I didn't load up as much as have might have in days gone by, but it was still enough to make me feel absolutely awful most of yesterday morning.

It seems that my belief that certain natural laws were suspended were no more true for me than it is for all those thoughtless little children. I have another trip to California coming up soon. Someone make sure that I do better on that trip.

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