Sunday, August 25, 2013

From Some Friends

It seems to be the season for writing. Or at least publishing. Here are some offerings from some friends of mine in the Tucson area:

These ones, The Root of Christianity and And God Created Woman, are only available locally from our friends Gannon and Rebekah McGhee.I got them lined up and on my to read que very soon. Maybe I will tell you more.

 Building on Jesus’ prayer and Paul’s analogy, Jesus’ Surprising Strategy, by a valued local ministry leader Dave Drum,  examines five levels of unity, each building on the previous one, and each providing a practical, biblical means for the roles you can play to fulfill Jesus’ prayer in our day, in your relationships, and in your city.

My friend Yves Johnson recently moved to Tucson and has written this book, There is No Gray in Moral Failure, and is working on his next.
In There Is No Gray In Moral Failure: A Practical Guide In Preventing Sexual and Financial Misconduct, we discuss two troublesome but seldomly confronted issues in Christianity today--financial and sexual misconduct. We look at how both the clergy and Christians failure in these areas damage Christianity's image.

By way of a little more fun change of pace,  my Friend and co-worker, Jay Korza, has recently released this one. By the way, when I finish this, it will be the first book I have read electronically. Expect a review when that is done.

 In a small portion of the galaxy, Earth is joined with many other worlds to form the Coalition. The Coalition and its member species work together in an attempt to mitigate the inevitable conflicts that arise as more and more of the galaxy is explored and its riches claimed. Daria is a Marine Corps Corpsman assigned to one of the many Coalition’s combined species units............

Since this is an e-book, I will give you a few ways to link to it:

Extinction on Kindle

Extinction on Smashwords

 Extinction Reviews

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