Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cause Everybody loves them!

The other day, we attended a luncheon that a local Church put on for First Responders. They were great! The food was actually very tasty and the staff that served us was friendly, helpful and expressed their appreciation over and over. It was nice to be appreciated like that.

So, the following is not in any way meant to take away from what they did for us and how much we appreciated the lunch, but it does show that, once again, everyone loves firemen.

The first wave of eaters was cops (oh surprise). Some ten or fifteen minutes after I arrived, a crew of firefighters came in off of their truck. And no, even though they walked in like they owned the place, we didn't have any fights.

As soon as they came in, one of the ladies serving us said loudly, "Oh Yay! We have Firemen!". At this point, the rest of the staff erupted in cheers.

Yes, we appreciated the lunch. And yes, everybody loves firemen.

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