Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Three Pronged Attitude
We spend a good deal of time at our house discussing attitude and the importance of it in daily life. We also spend a good deal of time having bad attitudes and seeing firsthand the effects of living with a bad attitude.

I recently read this book and some others around here are spending some time with it as well. Unlike many books describing the Navy Seals, it does not spend extensive time describing BUDS training ans how hard it is and all that. While those books are certainly informative, interesting and challenging, this one has some very unique merits.

Jason Redman is a former Navy Seal Officer, who was initially an enlisted Seal before getting into a program that led to his commissioning. While he is most known for life altering injuries he sustained and a a sign on his recovery room door that warned visitors not to feel sorry for him, this book is compelling because it delves into his attitude.

He did not start out with a stellar attitude. Far from it, as he ably describes. He also does a great job of showing his transformation in attitude, the difference it made in his life and career and the struggles before and after this transformation, including the injuries he faced.

This book has plenty of battlefield action, insider viewpoints and the like to keep you interested. But for me, the best part was the hard won lessons Redman shared about life, leadership and how attitude makes a huge difference in both.

Redman's Nonprofit Organization: Wounded Wear

The Sign:

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