Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Sometimes things don't turn out as you have planned, exactly. But I have found that one of the best ways to face disappointment is to be grateful for the good things that are there.

So, this year wasn't really full of disappointment. I set you up with that one. But, I do have plenty of things to be grateful for. Here are some of the highlights of the year.

- Diane and I  got to head out to Lake Tahoe where I performed the wedding ceremony for the kids of some of our great friends from Sacramento.

- We spent the week at Angel's Camp in California with some of Diane's family and some other great friends!

- I was selected to be The volunteer Chaplain for the Northwest Fire Department.

- Our family was privileged to help welcome a refugee family from the Congo to our community with a team of friends.

- I was invited to be a board member with the Tucson Refugee Ministry.

- Emily decided to make a big leap of faith and sign up for a missions trip to Ecuador.

-We had a great support party for Emily's upcoming trip and were truly blessed by the support that those that attended (and many that weren't able to) showed us.

-We got to take a trip out to Colorado to see T.J. before he left for a second deployment to the Middle East.

- We had some great visitors stay with us for the holidays!

- My work assignment changed, which made me sad, but I got a new and interesting assignment working with a good team.

Cheers to you as we head into 2014! What are you grateful for?

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Jaime said...

And a couple of more I forgot to post:

- I got to run with Emily in the Meet Me Downtown Tucson 5k. The first organized 5K for her.

- This Fall, I was privileged to perform the wedding ceremony for some good friends (He's also a work colleague and they are neighbors).