Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bigger Than Us!

Emily overlooking the mountains(I am sure she won't like this photo, but I think it's great).

We have had a number of people wonder if we aren't frightened about our daughter heading off to Ecuador. They have ranged from pointing out that we love her too much to ever let her go to simply wondering if we aren't afraid for what might happen while she is there.

So, I will try to answer that a little here.

First of all, I see terribly things that happen to people here pretty much every day. If you think you are able to protect your loved ones from everything that can go wrong, you are in an illusory world. Yes, we can do things to mitigate danger, but often are attempts only make us feel comfortable about our preparations and lead us to ignore real dangers. I have no such illusions about how safe things are here.

But that is a minor issue. The bigger issue is that we are thrilled that she gets to be a part of an experience bigger than we could provide. When she first brought us the idea this summer of her going on this trip, I will admit that my first thought was that it would be totally unattainable. That was the wrong kind of thinking.

The more I looked at it, I realized that this was, not an insurmountable challenge, but an incredible opportunity, that I never even dreamed of for her.

The financial picture was much bigger than us. We did not have anywhere near enough to send her. But through her diligent efforts and a team approach from our family and favor from the Lord, she raised the money to get there. (By the way, we are still working on that to cover expenses. Feel free to help out...:>).

Trusting her care to some people we never met was bigger than us. But through a unique opportunity to meet the founders of the group and a stretch of faith, we were able to develop that trust.

And, the opportunity she has, as I mentioned, is bigger than us. She will get to see things, meet some great people, see ministry models, witness God's power, all in ways that she never would of here.

So yes, we are all very sad to see her go and can't wait to see her again. And yes, I have cultivated some contacts where she is so I can trick myself into feeling a little less powerless.

But we are so glad she is there.

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