Friday, September 5, 2014

The Identical

I recently attended a pre-screening of the new movie, The Identical. Since it is released tonight and they were kind enough to let me come out and watch it early, I wanna let you know about it.

The basic gist is that a very Elvis like character has an identical twin that grows up in the 50's not knowing who he is, but finally finding his place as a first class impersonator of his superstar twin.

It is a fun movie, with some catchy original tunes, has a great cast, including Ashley Judd and Ray Liotta in major roles and it deals with a them that many of us struggle with, the idea of "what is my purpose and calling in life".

It won't be the supersplash hit of the year, but I think you will enjoy it and maybe even be a little challenged by the message> Maybe you will even be inspired to be a rockstar!

Check out The Identical

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