Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Pink Pantser

If you've kept up with us, I guess you know that we enjoy hiking. A couple of years ago, we met up with a good friend of ours in Denver and she took us on a gorgeous trail in the forested mountains.

While on the trail, we ran into a couple that appeared to be in their early fifties, super fit looking, all decked out in their Patagonia  outdoor gear and gleefully taking on the trail.

Behind them, maybe a couple of hundred yards, was a person that appeared to be their teenage son. He was wearing pink skinny jeans, a heavy coat, non trail appropriate shoes and had headphones dangling from his ears. And, in one hand, he had a firm grasp on the donut he was eating.

The poor kid looked absolutely miserable. He was barely dragging himself along, looked angry and sullen and was obviously not pleased with the outdoorsy family the almighty had plunked him down in the middle of for this brief life.

Later, we talked with him a bit. All I can remember him saying is, "I gotta get out of here! There is too much nature!"

Naturally, we dubbed him "The Pink Pantser". Now, whenever our children complain about not wanting to take a hike, we encourage them to not be "The Pink Pantser!".

Anyone wanna join us for a hike!

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