Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bone Cancer in Children!?!

Making the rounds in recent days is a clip of prominent atheist apologist Steven Fry giving what would be his response, were he to meet God at the pearly gates.

His response was to describe his angry diatribe towards a God that would create and allow bone cancer in children. He wonders aloud why he should respect a "....stupid ....God...who creates a world so full of injustice and pain."

A God that presents himself as an "...all seeing...all wise...all kind God...", but behaves like a total maniac.

It is easy to see his point.

Who wouldn't be unhappy at a personality that made the world like it is.

However, the God he is addressing is not the one we find in the biblical account of who God is. I know I am an oddball to still believe what an ancient scripture teaches about this kind of stuff, but I do.

In the Bible, God is portrayed as having lovingly crated a perfect world and having lovingly given mankind a chance to live in that perfect world, or to freely choose to walk away from perfection and introduce death, destruction, injustice, pain and even bone cancer in children into their lives. Looking around, I think we can see what we chose, thinking we knew what was best.

In my opinion, if we want to find the maniacs that made this world such a tough place, we certainly don't need to look to God. We just need to look at ourselves.

Check out Steven Fry's answer here, and go to a motel and read the first Chapter in the book you find there for the other version.

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