Friday, October 2, 2015

Becoming Emilist (From Becoming Minimalist)

One of the blogs that we follow around here is the Becoming Minimalist blog that Joshua Becker has put together, all about simplifying your life and inspiring others to "... others to pursue their greatest passions by owning fewer possessions."

 We were somewhat taken aback one day last year when we saw this photo on the page. It looked very much like our oldest daughter, Emily, who had just returned from 7 months in Quito, Ecuador.

Same wispy blond hair, which she often fashioned into braids of various styles.

Same dark jacket that rode the line of trendy with a nod to a bygone historical era that she often wore.

Hands and body staged in a way we had seen many times before, half posing as if for a photo shoot and and half absent mindedly fidgeting while thinking about something a little bigger than whatever else was going on.

We called her over to the computer and said "Hey Emily, this looks just like you."

"No", she adamantly denied "I didn't have a ribbon like that in my hair when I was at Pinchincha!"

It sort of reminds me of telling someone their friend was murdered and them asking, "How many times were they stabbed?"

But, I suppose we will never know for certain.

While you are thinking about that, be sure to check out Becoming Minimalist.

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