Sunday, October 18, 2015

Yesterday, we made a friend

I recently picked up a little book that I carry around.Inside it says, "Interesting People I Have Met".

 I have met numerous interesting people and I thought having a place where I can have them record their names and a little about them would help me to remember them. So far, the only names I have gotten in it were those of my wife and kids. Until yesterday.

We were at some local apartments with some people from our Church, the intent being to serve some of the refugee community that lives there. We were able to do some yard work, clean up, play games, makes crafts and that sort of thing.

We also met a young man named Samson. Samson just arrived here in Tucson from Tanzania on Friday with his Mom, Dad and Seven younger brothers and sisters. He has lived in the refugee camp in Tanzania for the past 17 years, and was so excited to have finally arrived in America. Although, he did admit to being tired, after having just been on five different airplanes to get here

Samson is the only one in his family to speak English, having learned it in school. He also taught English to others at the School in the camp. He really wants to go to the University as soon as he possibly can.

Meeting Samson was a reminder to me that he, and many others, live lives that are completely different than mine. He and his family are going to face some big obstacles as they try to make a life here, and could use some help. But, they have already plowed through some big obstacles just to get here, so I am confident that, with the right opportunities*, they will thrive.

I had Samson sign my book.

* If you are local to Tucson, and looking for a place to make a major and lasting impact on some people that need some extra help, take a look at The TRM site and see how you can get connected.

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