Sunday, January 3, 2016

Drive In Theater

We recently saw the new Star Wars on the big screen at the Drive In Theater in Glendale. I think I am beginning to understand why they have been avoided enough to lead to most of them closing. Here are a few challenges:

- Chain smokers parking next to you. We had to move twice.
- Throughout the movie, people were flicking their lights on and of and driving around. Really?
- Someone idling their Diesel engine the last ten minutes. Sigh.
- A Domestic disturbance right next to us. It was one of the chain smokers, so we were happy to leave them.

But, I still enjoy the drive in. Where else can you tailgate with your crew for a movie? Where else can you chit chat with the neighbors a bit before the show? Where else can you pile on the blankets and pillows and enjoy Star Wars?

I guess if you focus on the positive, and hope your neighbors have a little common courtesy (which seems to sadly be less common), you can still enjoy.

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