Monday, February 22, 2016

Doomed for want of an egg!

Alarming! Shocking! Controversial!

If you haven't heard, an expert panel at the FDA has recently issued a new set of dietary guidelines reversing the adamantly held previous guidelines regarding the so called dangers of eating foods with fat, cholesterol and other foods that, for years, the government has told us were bad for our health.

 For those of you that have always trusted the government and made sure your omelettes were egg white omelettes or tried to lose weight by eating a "healthy" high grain diet, this might be a big surprise.

 For those that have looked at the research, this is not really anything new.

Others will continue to throw up their hands in the face of this information and not what to do with it, other than to say, "Well, something is going to kill you, so why worry about what you eat?".

These are, perhaps, the same people that don't use car seat because, "These kids are gonna die one day anyway. May as well be from being ejected through the windshield in a minor traffic accident." 

Or they might say, "Well, I'm gonna die from something. so why bother disconnecting the electricity before I install my ceiling fan?".

Maybe they really don't care, or maybe they don't really think what they eat will kill them.

Reality is that diet strongly effects health and many have died from an improper diet. We can eat better and be better stewards of the body we have been given and maybe decrease the chances that our death will be because of how we treat ourselves.

I suppose we can start by looking at the new dietary guidelines, even if they are somewhat behind the times: 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines

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